• It was established in 2008 with a registered capital of 70.2 million yuan and fixed assets of 350 million yuan.
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    • The main products are phosphorus trichloride, trimethyl phosphite, triethyl phosphite, Trichloroacetaldehyde, dichlorvos and trichlorfon.
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    • Integrating science, industry and trade, it has advanced production equipment, modern R & D center, perfect monitoring technology, equipment and quality assurance system.
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    • Based on the existing main business, we will continue to refine and strengthen the main business. While realizing the stable growth of the main business, we will actively expand the field of polymer chemistry, optimize the product structure, increase inve
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      Phosphorus trichloride
      Triethyl phosphite
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      The overall domestic macro environment is good, PVC prices soar all the way, 01 contract price once soared to 6935 yuan
      This week, Australia's shipment volume was stable, while Brazil's shipment volume decreased significantly. Due t
      Recently, the high level of PTA futures fell, 2101 contract fell from 3800 yuan / ton regional position, and fell to the
      On the 10th, the daily gas production of Changning block in Changning Weiyuan national shale gas demonstration area reac
      As a result of the new epidemic situation, energy demand has dropped sharply and oil and gas prices have fallen. Ma
      Domestic coal prices, which rose significantly in September, remained bullish at the beginning of October. According to
      Palm oil production will start to decline seasonally after reaching its peak in October, and will continue to decline in
      Recently, Guangdong Institute of petrochemical industry (hereinafter referred to as Guangyou), Shenyang Blower Group Mea
      Looking back to the third quarter, in the case of oversupply, coking coal prices have remained low oscillation, although
      This week's API data of the United States showed a remarkable performance. The crude oil inventory of the United Sta
      The fourth quarter is the traditional peak season of natural rubber production, but the production process was affected
      On October 10, Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. announced that its annual output of 200000 tons of dimethyl carbonate (D
      Enterprise Strength
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      Address: Luoxi industrial cluster, Luohe City, Henan Province
      Tel / Fax: 0395-6168788 
      e-mail: lhsxwhg@163.com
      Sales Department 1 (chemical products): 
      Peng Lianfeng 13781708886
      Sales Department 2 (agricultural and chemical products):
      Chen Minhui 13952447071
      Sales Department 3 (chemical additives): 
      Zhang zhaogeng 15737681111